Privacy-Preserving Vaccination Pass

Privacy-Preserving Vaccination Pass


Leveraging Self-Sovereign Identity, Blockchain, and Zero-Knowledge Proof to Build a Privacy-Preserving Vaccination Pass


Maurício Barrosa , Frederico Schardonga, and Ricardo Felipe Custódio


The current humanitarian health crisis popularized the debate on data privacy. At the same time, several cities, states, and even countries put the mandatory presentation of health pass to access services into practice. In this article, we explore the concepts of self-sovereign identity, blockchain, and zero-knowledge proofs to propose a solution to the problem of presenting proof of vaccination. This solution allows users to prove that they are vaccinated for different pathogens without revealing their identity. The architecture is loosely coupled, allowing components to be exchanged, which we discuss when we present the implementation of a working prototype.


Vaccination Pass, Privacy, Self-Sovereign Identity, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Blockchain