Privacy in Blockchain Systems

Privacy in Blockchain Systems


Privacy in Blockchain Systems


Jad Wahab, George Danezis, Alberto Sonnino, Mustafa Al Bassam


In this literature review, we first briefly provide an introduction on the privacy aspect of blockchain systems and why it is a difficult quality to achieve, especially using traditional methods. Next, we go over a wide range of different strategies and techniques, along with their respective empirical implementations. Starting with approaches that attempted to provide privacy on Bitcoin/existing blockchain systems, then going into more advanced techniques, such as secure multi-party computations, ring signatures, and zero knowledge proofs, that construct a more advanced blockchain system from scratch with the objective of preserving privacy. Finally, we conclude that the current state of privacy on blockchains still needs work for it to be reliable. Nevertheless, the field of privacy in this domain is developing and advancing at a rapid rate.


Privacy, Applied Cryptography, Blockchain, Zero-knowledge Proofs