Blockchain Synchronous Trust Consensus Model

Blockchain Synchronous Trust Consensus Model


Blockchain Synchronous Trust Consensus Model


Christopher Gorog MBA, PMP, CISSP, Terrance E. Boult IEEE Fellow University of Colorado Colorado Springs


This work introduces a novel approach for the governance of a blockchain containing social constructs and technical viability for widescale applications for the next generation of distributed ledgers. Functional requirements for this new blockchain distributed ledger (BDL) were garnered from an analysis of the needs for large scale applications. Applied research was employed as part of this endeavor to test the practicality and scalability of the solution outline. Novel features in this application draw together controls and enforcement for cybersecurity, digital content management, licensing, and configuration management. The Synchronous Trust Consensus Model™ applied research project named Project Philos™ was sponsored by the BlockChain Development Community (BCDC) with support from the University of Colorado. Research has followed both theorized conceptual and theory-to-practice models to prove the scientific soundness and the viability of incentive for community engagement. Results show that this new model proves the feasibility of an indefinitely expandable blockchain distributed ledger capability, while also providing a new participant incentive that is highly effective in engaging a community of practitioners


Consensus Model, Synchronous Trust